Dance Is The Door To The Soul,

Welcome to Pantherland, home of the roaring Panthers and Pumas of Delta Phi Delta Dance Fraternity, Inc.  Founded by two amazing and inspirational individuals on Tuesday, January 18, 2000, DPhi has grown over the years to include approximately 1,000 dancers from a multitude of dance styles, backgrounds, and experience levels in various areas of the United States.  Our members are true representations of our organization's slogan:


"We Are Not Dancers That Want To Dance.

We Are Dancers That Have To Dance!"

​My Movements Are The Key!

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to all of the the Fall 20, Spring 21, and the upcoming Summer 21 graduating Panthers & Pumas!  Thank you for making both dance and education a priority in your lives.  Even during the trials and tribulations of the last year with the pandemic, you all triumphed and made us all shine brightly! We truly appreciate you all and look forward to hearing more about your continued success!

Congratulations New Members!

Congratulations to all of the the Fall 20, Spring 21, and the upcoming Summer 21 newly initiated Panthers & Pumas!  We are proud of you for striving to achieve your goal of membership even during the pandemic. Your dedication to the organization and its Principles & Standards has not gone unnoticed! We welcome you with open arms. We look forward to hearing and witnessing great things from you!

Congratulations  To Our Newly Inducted Honorary Members!

It is with esteemed pleasure that we introduce our new Honorary Members for 2020, D.S. The 5th Element. Thank you to all members who recommended these amazing people and we are grateful for their acceptance. This group of individuals have definitely have made a huge impact on the dance industry and we look forward to the exposure this will give our 20 year dance fraternity!